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  • Nicole J. Burton

What is “Adoptionism?”

A pro-adoption belief that people who are infertile are entitled to raise the disadvantaged offspring of the poor. By “infertile,” I mean either physically infertile or because of circumstances like being single or in a same-sex relationship.

The pro-adoption narrative focuses on individual stories about “abandonment” or “orphanages.” These stories distract from the main issue: what's the best way to help poor and single mothers, domestically and around the world?

Adoption is actually a multibillion dollar system, benefiting lawyers, baby brokers, social workers, and religious and so-called charitable organizations.

Adoptionism discriminates against single and poor mothers, fuels family destruction, and forces child re-homing.

Adoptionism also deprives adult adoptees of basic human rights—today—through state-sponsored sealed birth records.

Adoptionists argue that adoption may be allow the adoptee to grow up in a more affluent family. This is not necessarily true, and it's an inadequate justification in light of adoption's other legacies: higher rates of alcoholism, addiction, and suicide; loss of family history, medical history, and continuity; and the challenges of reuniting with biological kin.

American society is very pro-adoption. It's built into our tax code, including a one-time credit of $13,460 per adoptee.

I was pro-adoption till I learned about the system. I'd been taught adoption was good, and I loved my adopted family. Do you see pro-adoption narratives around us? Has adoption affected your life through family or friends? Now that you know adoption may not be that rosy, how do you feel? I'd like to know.

(It's good to be blogging again. Many thanks to Tracey Diamond Designs [] for a lovely new website.)

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