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Apr 2020

Oct 2018

Press Release for "Adamson's 1969" - Debut novel of a young Englishman discovering America in the war protest, rock 'n' roll, weed-infused year of 1969.

May 2016

“Six Word Adoption Memoir” by Derek Frank & Andrew Task


6WAM is a national project to bring adoptee experiences to the world

Mar 2015

“The Space Between” short video by Nicole Burton


Where do relinquished children go before adoption?

Mar 2015

“The Adoption Shorts”


Watch all nine short videos about the adoption experience

Aug 2008

Curled Up With a Good Book


Review of Swimming Up the Sun by Barbara B. Scott

Aug 2008

"The Decree" - American Adoption Congress newsletter


Book Review by Mickey Duxbury


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