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Nicole J Burton


I've written over twenty plays, including Swimming Up the SunFred and Frieda; Last Call at the Marble Bar, and Starman, Wish Me Luck. These award-winning dramas and comedies have been produced in theaters and other venues as diverse as federal prisons, homeless shelters, and the U.S. Capitol. My screen treatment for Southwest Remembered, a film about urban renewal in Southwest Washington, D.C. won the CINE Golden Eagle Award for Best Documentary. I'm a member of the Dramatists Guild and Pipeline Playwrights, a collective of women playwrights.

An adult adoptee, I'm the author of a reunion memoir, Swimming Up the Sun, which I've adapted as a stage play. I've given numerous presentations and workshops at conferences and advocate for adoptee human rights and adoption reform.


In 2008, I founded Apippa Publishing Company, dedicated to quality literature. Adamson's 1969, my new coming-of-age tale about a young Englishman in America, will be published in 2018.

Photo/Cover Photo by Carol Clayton Photography


The Space Between

by Nicole Burton

Watch all nine short videos about the adoption experience.

Six Word Adoption Memoir (participant)

Filmed by Derek Frank and Andrew Tash, 6WAM is a national project to bring our adoption experiences to the world.

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