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  • Nicole J. Burton

Adoption Today

I've been making the rounds of local adoption agencies and adoption counselling organizations: CASE, Adoptions Together, and the Barker Foundation. I find many adoptive parents on staff, fine people. I'm seeking opportunities to promote my book and become an adoption speaker. On the current domestic scene, most birth mothers negotiate for living as well as medical expenses. The Internet allows direct communication and a kind of bidding process has developed. It's definitely a seller's market for domestic babies. The other way to adopt domestically is through the foster care system. According to a report I read about, there are three or four families ready and willing to foster and adopt for every child available. The barrier is the social services bureaucracy. Internationally, lawyers, adoption agencies, and brokers exact fees in the thousands of dollars, and there are additional expenses for immigration arrangements. Many countries are developing domestic adoption services, and fewer countries allow their children to be adopted away. My Dad paid one pound, three shillings for me, as I recall.

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