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  • Nicole J. Burton

Expose Emotional Silence So Wounds Can Heal

I'm moderating a literary panel on "Darkness and Light" tomorrow at the Mishkan Torah Synagogue Book Fair. I think this statement, intended for Vietnam vets, resonates for those of us in the adoption constellation. Kind of heavy but that's darkness for you. "The Last Field Dressing" by Mike Hastie, US Army Medic, Vietnam 1970-1971 Excerpted from U.S. House of Representatives Hearings on the Aftermath of the Vietnam War Above and beyond all things considered, learn to forgive yourself. I don't care what you did or didn't do, try to forgive what you've considered the unforgivable. For there will simply come a day when you will finally understand that there is absolutely nothing else left to do. Bring loving people into your life, because you cannot forgive yourself alone. If this was possible, you would have done so a long time ago. Expose emotional silence, so your wounds can finally be healed. It takes time to heal, so give yourself that precious gift. Let the self-inflicted guilt die, instead of you.

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