Come Again

For all the upside of visiting Alabama and Mississippi, and there's much to recommend--The history of the black freedom struggle that inspires the world. Museums and sites. A good kind of pride and friendliness. Great food. Delta, rivers, pine forests, rolling hills--one cannot ignore the downside--Ground Zero for the enslavement of people of color. Racial terrorism. Mass incarceration. Deprivation. Robby Luckett of Jackson State told me that the power structure in Mississippi remains largely unchanged from fifty years ago so the struggle continues. The urban poverty was worse than any I've seen. The downtowns of Montgomery, Selma, Meridian, Jackson, and Hattiesburg exhibited neglect as if f

Visiting Alabama and Mississippi

As my visit to Alabama and Mississippi ends, I encourage those who've said they'd like to visit the Civil Rights Trail in these two states and get to know the people better. Lord knows, they can use the visitors. You can easily put together a trip itinerary as I did; it's America, same phones, same currency, Central time. Okay, maybe a different century but that's part of what's interesting. Among other sources, I was inspired by Dana Milbank's Washington Post column about taking his kids on the Civil Rights Trail for spring break last year. While traveling in my singular turquoise rental Jeep (shown by popular request), I met several groups on organized tours of civil rights sites, includin

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