APC Publishes New War Novel BLOOD CHIT

Apippa Publishing Company published its second title this week. It's an extraordinary war novel, BLOOD CHIT, by Grady Smith. I'm so proud to publish this moving work. The host of WPFW's Raucous Caucus calls the book "incredible" and "definitive." You can listen to an interview with Grady Smith discussing combat PTSD, the Afganistan and Vietnam wars, and his new novel about war, BLOOD CHIT. Find the podcast of the WPFW-FM, Raucous Caucus, Tues. August 14, 2012. Read the first three chapters of BLOOD CHIT at

Swimming Up the Sun - The Adoption Play

Join me for the first full reading of Swimming Up the Sun - The Adoption Play at the Kennedy Center, Sat. Sept. 1 at 1:00 PM in the North Atrium Foyer. The reading is free, part of the Page to Stage Festival that runs all weekend. Our cast includes Zara Phillips, Bret Goldstein, Kathleeen Alvania, Kurt Elftmann, Carol Mermey, Susan Harper, and Al Twanmo. We'd love your comments! GWU Blue/Orange Metro and walk to KenCen or free shuttle from Metro.

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